Be smart. Be safe. And know your boundaries.

Hello Community members,

As you begin your dating journey it is important to have fun, as well as, to be SAFE. Meeting in public places when you are getting to know someone is a safer way to first meet someone.  Let your friends or family know where and who you are going to be with, and make sure your date is aware of this too.

Another important aspect of SAFE dating is knowing what your personal boundaries are before you start dating and when these boundaries are being stretched or possibly even broken. There are many different types of personal boundaries; such as physical, emotional and spiritual. One way to explore your emotional boundaries is to consider why I may have reacted negatively or positively to things in my previous dating experiences?  Through this process an individual can learn more about themselves and what they are looking for . The more in tune a person becomes with their personal boundaries, the easier it will be for them to communicate their needs to others, which will lead to more enjoyable and safer dating experiences.

So before you take that important next step in your life and hit the dating scene, take some time to think about what your personal boundaries are.  Know them! And make sure your potential partner does too.

Blog entry by Dr. J Saintclaire

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