Finding the right person…for you.

How do I find someone new who will meet my needs emotionally, physically, spiritually? Someone that is the perfect fit for my life?

From setting up your profile to scheduling a date, the whole process can seem daunting. One thing that will influence your ability to meet that “ideal person” are the set of expectations that you use to select them.

For example, if your expectations are to find the “perfect date” while scrolling through hundreds of profile pages, then this can result in feelings of frustration and possibly the development of a defeatist attitude. This in turn can lead to only a limited amount of individuals that you choose to reach out to.  Believe it or not, the result of overly selective criteria can actually make it harder to find that someone whom might be the right fit for you.

So, what if you approached the online dating scene from a different, more realistic and relaxed perspective?  For example, try looking for a date that has “similar interests to me” or someone that is “from my neighborhood?”  This will not only lessen your anxiety and make finding a date a whole lot easier, but also lead to meeting more people and increasing your chances of finding that Mr. or Ms. Right.  

Dating, like many things in life, can be a numbers game.  You never know who you will click with, so be open minded and get out there and meet as many people as you can!

Blog entry by Dr. J Saintclaire

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