A story behind Cool With It™

After the end of a 10-year relationship, Curtis Harris found himself back on the proverbial dating market. Like many of his newly single counterparts, he thought it wouldn’t be that hard to meet people. He had met people conventionally before, through friends and by going out.  But it wasn’t long before Curtis discovered that the dynamics of the dating world had changed.

The reality is that dating in an American metropolitan city takes a considerable amount of time, energy and resources. Washington, DC, specifically, is one of the most expensive cities in the nation. Here, there are an exorbitant number of people working hard to live, but also trying to get out and enjoy the booming nightlife and everything the city has to offer.

Unfortunately for Curtis, enjoying the nightlife in the city didn’t translate into many meaningful dates. A lot of his friends had found success online; some were in relationships, others had even gotten married. So he joined a few dating sites and downloaded a couple of apps. Pretty soon, he was in a whole new world, swiping and scrolling his way through a bunch of dates. After a while though, the cycle of dating began to wear on him and drain his above-mentioned time, energy, and resources. Dating became more of a chore than a thrill. In talking with other single friends, Curtis found that most were in the same boat. He felt like he didn’t have many options…approaching dating the same way would continue to drain him financially.

To make dating work in a large, expensive city, Curtis started thinking outside the box.  To stretch his budget, he searched for deals at restaurants, the movies, concerts and other places.  Soon he discovered that these “deals” broadened his list of date ideas to include wineries, museum openings, golf ranges, etc. With new and interesting outings in his repertoire, dating became fun again.

Curtis wanted a better way of dating, a smarter way, where daters not only found cool places to meet and interesting things to do, but could also help avoid spending a small fortune each time they stepped out the door. He wanted quality businesses who prioritized customer service to benefit too; they were the ones who would be providing great experiences. With this thought, Cool With It™ was born, a completely free online dating site that partners with local restaurants, venues, and businesses to help make dating fun, easier and more affordable.

Ladies and gentleman, Cool With It™ was designed out of Curtis’ and our own experiences with dating, in order to help you find the right person, while discovering new and affordable places and experiences along the way.  We truly believe Cool With It™ is a fun and smarter way to date.

So please, enjoy the journey, be good to people that you meet along the way, and good luck finding that right person; for you.


The Cool With It™ team

“Helping people get together”

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